Debora Harvey is an artistic cake decorator who has studied under some of the top names in the industry.  She strives to make beautiful one of a kind creations.

It is such a privilege to take wonderful classes with amazing teachers.

First I would like to thank my sweet mother that taught me the most fabulous things in this life and always trusted and believed in me. She let me bake in her kitchen at a very young age and never got upset with all of my mess and all my fascinating experiments. She is the best mom of all. Love you, mom!

Second I would like to thank Melody Brandon that showed me that the world of cakes don’t have barriers and are open for everybody!!! She is the sweetest and kindest of all. She deserves all the best and she is my mentor and inspiration with her gorgeous creations. I don’t have a picture with her but hopefully soon I will get that!!!

Now to all the other wonderful teachers I had the pleasure to meet. They are the best in what they do, very open with their techniques and have wonderful hearts to teach. Ron Ben Israel that I never thought I would be by his side, he is a legend and sweet and kind as can be. To Lorraine McKay with her fun jokes, very patient explanations and her accent that was a little challenge for me to understand sometimes. And lastly, but not least, to Mike McCarey a lively, fun and outstanding  person with a big talent and no secrets about his cakes.