I always wanted to make a hand painted cake. I think they are so beautiful because their simplicity. I decided on this for a sweet friend of mine that had no idea she was getting a surprised birthday cake and it was very close to Valentine’s day and unfortunately her husband couldn’t be by her side that day. Since she invited me, of course I would prepare her favorite, chocolate!!! The funniest thing was that I was driving her to the restaurant and I had the surprise cake in the trunk of my car. I don’t know if you know how hard it is to drive with a 2 tiered cake on a pedestal without seeing it. She was very intrigued with my way of driving, she even commented that she thought I was very tired. I was SO slow!!!! Poor thing, but she forgave me after!!! I am not a bad driver I was just careful with one of my babies on the back!!! Thanks for the fun party with the ladies!!!