I heard about The TomKat studio a couple of years ago. A client asked me to bake for her two cakes being inspired by their website. Since then I became a big fan and am following them at Facebook. They are so talented and very well know in the business. Several weeks ago I entered a giveaway (which I never do) just because I was so interested in the new book  Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas that I saw at a bookstore that same weekend! And guess what?? I won!!! I was so excited to hear the news!! I couldn’t believe it but it is official and today I got my autographed copy in my mail box!!! I am attaching the link just to prove it!!! And of course I already spent the money, more pedestals for me!! I am waiting for them to come and put them in good use really soon!!! Coincidences are all around us we just have to be aware of them and embrace it!!! I just love it!!!