I always wondered how could I make such beauties. I see all the time at birthday parties, websites and stores. I decided taking a class called Mastering Macarons!! 🙂 It was so much fun. We were divided in 4 groups. Each group had 4 people. My group was in charge of Hazelnut Macarons with Praline Buttercream filling!!! WOW!!! That was just the beginning!!! For my first try ever I have to say that I was hooked!!! Yes, I took a class without even knowing how it would taste!!! I just knew I had to take that class and discover for myself. It was so much fun and my group had fun and very nice ladies working together.  At the end we had the chance to try the 4 flavors and take back home a plate full of this heavenly goodies!!! I have to say that I had my share of sugar for the whole week and I was definitely a very happy person yesterday!!! They are delish and fabulous looking. I have to thank Melody Brandon for starting to make them and induce my curiosity to go and try myself. She makes the most beautiful Macarons. I still have to stop by her shop Sweet and Saucy in Newport Beach and try hers and all the other goodies!! Can’t wait to start making them. The other flavors were: Banana Macarons with banana custard cream, pistachio Macarons with chocolate ganache and chocolate Macarons with salted caramel. The ones I made I hope you can tell but if you can’t a little hint they are light brown. I love taking classes and I am so lucky I can go once in a while to take something new, fun and delicious!!!

What a nice way to finish the weekend. I hope to see you soon!!! Happy week!!!