I had the pleasure to bake this ladybug garden cake for a very special little one.  I made sure to make a special and unique cake the way she asked me. I love to have the opportunity to make the cake the way the little ones want and this is why I love to talk to them and get all the details before I start. She was lucky enough to have her party at the San Diego Botanical Gardens in Encinitas! I was very excited to have my cake at the gardens since I love it there so much and I am a member for years now! The birthday girl saw the cake and told me “It is everything I asked for. It looks magnificent!” How about that for making my day brighter and shinier?

Ladybug garden cake

The cake and cupcakes at the venue. I did not have a close up picture for the cupcakes, but I think you can get an idea that every kid got a ladybug on a cupcake flower. There were two dozens of them!


The happy ladybugs are all lined up waiting for the time to get to the gardens! Who wouldn’t anyway!