It has been so long since I posted something new. I have to apologize for my disappearance. Very busy and lots of things going on at the same time. Now I am back and hopefully I can start posting more often the new cakes and the ones I have done and never had the chance to show it here too!

I had this fun cake to do this weekend. I am normally afraid of too much color just because once you put in it is all over, no chance for change, so I always prefer to be on the safe side. This time was different I was asked to give a pop of color just because the birthday girl has bright pink and green as her favorite color. I loved the bright pink dress with the lime green fondant details! The color matched the invitation and everything around it! Fun and cute, a dream for any lucky birthday girl out there. I was so happy with the final product and I hope it made the sweet birthday girl smile from ear to ear!

Bright Pink Barbie