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Sometimes we have to hear once what you never heard before to hear all the time and see it all around you. This is what happened to this decoration. I made a simple Minecraft buttercream cake.

Minecraft Cake


This was an order for aspecial friend that her daughter just turned 4! It is my third year making cakes for this princess that I am so blessed to be picked again. They wanted 2 separated cakes that matched. The doll cake for the kids and the tiered for the adults. The flavors were coconut cake with passion fruit filling and the always favorite of kids and adults chocolate, of course! The doll cake is finished with light pink colored fondant and the tiered cake with Swiss  buttercream. As always I used as many organic ingredients that I could find. For me this is very important since we want the best for our kids. This doll was a collector’s edition and simply gorgeous. Looked just like the birthday girl. I picture Sophia looking like this when she grows up. Sweet little princess she is!!! Thanks for trusting me on this very special day!

Sophia Barbie Cake

Pink dot cake

Back of the cake showing the details and movement that the mother was looking for.

Back Sophia Barbie Cake

Side view. This profile picture shows the details and the design I came up for the fluidity of the dress.

Side Sophia Cake

Fun close up picture.

Close up Dot Cake

This was a last minute order for a sweet Rapunzel fan that wanted the plastic doll on the top and 4 dozens of cupcakes. The buttercream cake was 2 shades of purple (what it is not showing in the picture), the banner and the figurines are not edible.

The cupcakes were made to tie the party together. I made some golden magical flowers and dusted them with gold luster dust and green Pascal chameleons. Those were  dusted after with  green petal dust. They were made with fondant.

Rapunzel Cake

Golden flower cupcake

Pascal cupcakes