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The most gratifying thing for me is to have my clients appreciate my art, time and love. I love making cakes and I put all my heart and soul in it. I was so excited to prepare this cake for sweet and kind friend’s potluck party. I had the opportunity to try two new techniques that I always wanted to try. First is the sugar pulling (nest) and the other one is the speckled paint. I love the end product and I think it was elegant and simple. Just the way I imagined. Thanks for all the beautiful compliments on the look and taste of the cake. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to share my passion. I am still taking in all the beautiful words and kindness I got from them. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your unforgettable celebration.

 Nest Cake


This is my own version from Debbie Brown’s cake. I carved this cake with the layers and tiers I had and followed her directions to be inspired. It is a dream come true of a cake to any girly girl. The top tier I made as a keepsake. The little princess will always remember her birthday cake and keep it for as long as she wishes! The cake has lots of shimmer from luster dust. Thanks for stopping by.

Castle Cake

This cake was fun and different to make. The dolls were carved in 8 alternating layers of white and blue cakes with buttercream filling. Their dresses were very shiny with lots and lots of luster dust! Too bad the picture doesn’t show well the shimmer! I never made a doll Cake with 2 dolls before sharing the same dress. So it was a experiment that worked really well I would say! The priceless jaw dropping of the 2 year old birthday girl not understanding if was a gift, a toy or a cake when I was delivering it made my day! I would say it is all of those above with lots of love and dedication put into it! I love to make doll cakes and I hope I can keep having them as orders!

Anna Elsa Barbie Cake

Some clouds in the sky for a very special little “pilot” client. I have been baking his birthday cakes for the past 3 years. I made this cake with all my love to this family that is so close to my heart. I realized that this is going to be the last cake I will make for him! It makes it so bittersweet! I wished they wouldn’t have to move so far away so I could keep making my cakes and celebrating with them all our victories together. Unfortunately life has other plans to us and I will miss them tremendously!


It is a white cake with chocolate ganache and covered in a swiss buttercream frosting.

I am so blessed to have the opportunity to make amazing cakes and put big smiles on the little ones’ faces. It is so gratifying and I don’t have enough words to thank this wonderful family that trusted me with the design for the center piece for their son’s birthday.

Sometimes we forget some details when making cakes. On this one I forgot how hard it is to make red buttercream. Luckily I am just a car distance from stores that carries food colors. I used 2 of my tubes and had to run to get a third one! Yes!!! I forgot that red is one of the hardest color to match. I am so happy that I had the color I desired and the cake came out the way I planned!

I made cake pops to match the top tier! They were real vanilla bean cake with white chocolate ganache.

The cakes were chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and fresh strawberries, real vanilla cake with swiss vanilla buttercream.

Gladly to say that most of the ingredients were organic and the cakes were delivered on a electric vehicle powered by the sun! We were so excited!

Super hero Cake


Spider man cake pop

This was a Cinderella birthday party for a sweet little 5 year old friend!

Her grandmother had a vision of what she wanted but trusted me on the design and final decisions. I love when my clients are open to changes. This way it is easier to work with putting all the cakes together and have a touch of my style. I worked with the idea that Cinderella is all about sparkles and glitter. The pictures don’t show very well how shiny the cakes were, but I put extra sparkles on everything.

I made two different flavors for the cakes, vanilla and chocolate, with 2 different fillings, ganache with organic strawberries and organic strawberry buttercream. They were covered in fondant. I always try to get as many organic ingredients as possible. I am thrilled to say that this cake was almost entirely organic! I made forty cake pops in two different styles also.

I did not have the glass slipper to put as a topper for the picture but try to picture a glass slipper on top of the two tiered cake. It came out just perfect for the princess and for the venue that was beautifully decorated for the party.

It was a pleasure to make my art to our dear friends that appreciate it and share my love for cake with their friends! Thank you for making me part of your special day!

Cinderella Barbie Cake

I like to make a flowing dress to give movement to the cake. I always carve the cake with some curves on it. It is my style and a personal preference too.

Cinderella Cake


Cinderella cake pops



Fondant covered cake with pearl shimmer and chocolate pearls around it. It is a winter mermaid dream cake. Simple and elegant.


White Pearls Cake

When I am making a cake I always put my heart and soul in it. It wasn’t different for this special order. I didn’t just make a cake, I made a special gift for two of my very favorite boys! Their mother asked me to make cupcakes with a Lego decor and marshmallow pops as Lego faces! I was thinking to myself and couldn’t stop there just because I love to make cakes and there wasn’t any cake to cut and serve! So I decided to make some anyway! The decorations and imagination for the party went far beyond my expectations! Everything looked SO beautiful. I was so happy to be a small part of their special day! What an amazing mom these boys have. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did making them!

Lego Cake

Lego Brick Cake

This cake was served the day before the party for their relatives in town to celebrate the actual boy’s birthday day!

Lego Head Pop

Edible Lego toppers

Edible Lego Bricks

On the making… I made a mold and shaped 60 edible Lego bricks to decorate the cupcakes! Bright and fun colors!

I particularly love to make cakes for the little ones. Especially the one year olds that never had a taste of sweets before and are having the first taste with my cakes. I am so honored! I put all the best organic ingredients and all my love in their cakes. This was a 40-50 person cake with inspiration taken from the party’s invitation. Dark blue and red were the color pallet and the vintage theme was a hit. It had beautiful decorations, food and games in a fun summer day here in San Diego, CA. Perfect party day!!! The smash cake was buttercream matching with the fondant cake for the adults. I heard the birthday boy was really careful and gentle with his cake but he got his job done!!! Yeah! 🙂

Vintage Cake DSC_0087

I was asked to make this colorful and fun cake a few weeks ago. Not talking about pressure but the husband is a chef and the sister is an artist! I took my chances and of course said yes. They brought me this beautiful design and the details they wanted. So the cake was already designed and ready, so I just had to follow their wishes. I really enjoyed making it even though it was a challenge, took me a lot of time to figure out how I would do it and lots of drying time for the gum paste. I think it was really adorable and hopefully blended well with their decorations. Please let me know your thoughts! Thanks for stopping by.