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I am so blessed to have the opportunity to make amazing cakes and put big smiles on the little ones’ faces. It is so gratifying and I don’t have enough words to thank this wonderful family that trusted me with the design for the center piece for their son’s birthday.

Sometimes we forget some details when making cakes. On this one I forgot how hard it is to make red buttercream. Luckily I am just a car distance from stores that carries food colors. I used 2 of my tubes and had to run to get a third one! Yes!!! I forgot that red is one of the hardest color to match. I am so happy that I had the color I desired and the cake came out the way I planned!

I made cake pops to match the top tier! They were real vanilla bean cake with white chocolate ganache.

The cakes were chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and fresh strawberries, real vanilla cake with swiss vanilla buttercream.

Gladly to say that most of the ingredients were organic and the cakes were delivered on a electric vehicle powered by the sun! We were so excited!

Super hero Cake


Spider man cake pop


This was a Cinderella birthday party for a sweet little 5 year old friend!

Her grandmother had a vision of what she wanted but trusted me on the design and final decisions. I love when my clients are open to changes. This way it is easier to work with putting all the cakes together and have a touch of my style. I worked with the idea that Cinderella is all about sparkles and glitter. The pictures don’t show very well how shiny the cakes were, but I put extra sparkles on everything.

I made two different flavors for the cakes, vanilla and chocolate, with 2 different fillings, ganache with organic strawberries and organic strawberry buttercream. They were covered in fondant. I always try to get as many organic ingredients as possible. I am thrilled to say that this cake was almost entirely organic! I made forty cake pops in two different styles also.

I did not have the glass slipper to put as a topper for the picture but try to picture a glass slipper on top of the two tiered cake. It came out just perfect for the princess and for the venue that was beautifully decorated for the party.

It was a pleasure to make my art to our dear friends that appreciate it and share my love for cake with their friends! Thank you for making me part of your special day!

Cinderella Barbie Cake

I like to make a flowing dress to give movement to the cake. I always carve the cake with some curves on it. It is my style and a personal preference too.

Cinderella Cake


Cinderella cake pops



It amazes me how many people ask me how I can bake. For me it is simple, start a recipe and follow it and VOILA. For the very first time in many many years baking I experienced what many people had.

The cake did not work! YES!

I don’t not know what it was but I know something; to rush doesn’t make things easier for me. I was in such a tight schedule that I tried to make it as fast as I could. The same cake that I probably baked 100 times!!

I told my daughter after she got home from school what happened and as smart as a 5 years old can be, she said to me: “Mom, I think you forgot LOVE!”. I always tell her that we have to put our love in everything we do in a daily basis.

I think the crazy, busy and stressful life style we all get into, can make us forget how important the simple things are. I have to say that I rebaked with gratitude and  this time I did not forget my love, thoughtfulness and compassion!

This time the LOVE was everywhere!!! Of course there was not much sleep for me, but the cake was ready for delivery!

I am thankful for the opportunity to share my passion, art and LOVE with the most amazing, special, curious and smart kids and their families!

Scarecrow cake

This was a first for me! I had to deliver this cake by train. I was a little nervous but the cake made it perfectly fine and I have to say that it was just so much fun.

This was a very special order from by far the most amazing, sweet and kind family I have ever known. I am not kidding or exaggerating! I hope you all have somebody to relate to because it is a serious “kind” business!

Thank you so much for the opportunity, trust, belief in me and appreciation. You all made my day way sweeter and my work so easy and pleasant!
Train cake

Train cake

Train Cake

Train cake

This was a very festive way to celebrate a kid’s birthday party!

They are colorful and look like streamers!

So fun!!!

Colorful Cake Pops

I was asked to bake cake pops for this sweet and cute little girl that does not have a favorite color but instead loves all of them. So I couldn’t help myself but to get her some of the rainbow colors and make cake pops to share with her friends at school!  The colors are so kids friendly and I fell in love with the combination of them. I am hoping that treat colors everybody’s day in a very good way!!! Have a beautiful colorful day!!

Rainbow Cake Pops

Rainbow cake pops