It amazes me how many people ask me how I can bake. For me it is simple, start a recipe and follow it and VOILA. For the very first time in many many years baking I experienced what many people had.

The cake did not work! YES!

I don’t not know what it was but I know something; to rush doesn’t make things easier for me. I was in such a tight schedule that I tried to make it as fast as I could. The same cake that I probably baked 100 times!!

I told my daughter after she got home from school what happened and as smart as a 5 years old can be, she said to me: “Mom, I think you forgot LOVE!”. I always tell her that we have to put our love in everything we do in a daily basis.

I think the crazy, busy and stressful life style we all get into, can make us forget how important the simple things are. I have to say that I rebaked with gratitude and  this time I did not forget my love, thoughtfulness and compassion!

This time the LOVE was everywhere!!! Of course there was not much sleep for me, but the cake was ready for delivery!

I am thankful for the opportunity to share my passion, art and LOVE with the most amazing, special, curious and smart kids and their families!

Scarecrow cake