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I am so blessed to have the opportunity to make amazing cakes and put big smiles on the little ones’ faces. It is so gratifying and I don’t have enough words to thank this wonderful family that trusted me with the design for the center piece for their son’s birthday.

Sometimes we forget some details when making cakes. On this one I forgot how hard it is to make red buttercream. Luckily I am just a car distance from stores that carries food colors. I used 2 of my tubes and had to run to get a third one! Yes!!! I forgot that red is one of the hardest color to match. I am so happy that I had the color I desired and the cake came out the way I planned!

I made cake pops to match the top tier! They were real vanilla bean cake with white chocolate ganache.

The cakes were chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and fresh strawberries, real vanilla cake with swiss vanilla buttercream.

Gladly to say that most of the ingredients were organic and the cakes were delivered on a electric vehicle powered by the sun! We were so excited!

Super hero Cake


Spider man cake pop


A boy’s dream just came true today when I saw his cute face amazed with the cake I baked him. I asked him when I was talking to his mom to decide the cake for his party, I normally ask my “costumers” doesn’t matter their age, and he told me he wanted a circle chocolate cake with all his super heroes. With that said I had to do my research on super heroes because here at my house we know everything about fairies, princesses and sparkles. I used to watch super heroes growing up with my older brother but it is always good to do your homework.  Since he was turning 4 I thought he deserved a 4 tiered cake!!! A tier for each year!!! Fun! Thanks to my husband for helping me in various steps through out the process but mostly to be able to lift and move every time I needed it!  It was so heavy! I am so pleased with the result and mostly to make part of Landon’s 4th birthday!