A boy’s dream just came true today when I saw his cute face amazed with the cake I baked him. I asked him when I was talking to his mom to decide the cake for his party, I normally ask my “costumers” doesn’t matter their age, and he told me he wanted a circle chocolate cake with all his super heroes. With that said I had to do my research on super heroes because here at my house we know everything about fairies, princesses and sparkles. I used to watch super heroes growing up with my older brother but it is always good to do your homework.  Since he was turning 4 I thought he deserved a 4 tiered cake!!! A tier for each year!!! Fun! Thanks to my husband for helping me in various steps through out the process but mostly to be able to lift and move every time I needed it!  It was so heavy! I am so pleased with the result and mostly to make part of Landon’s 4th birthday!