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I was asked to make this colorful and fun cake a few weeks ago. Not talking about pressure but the husband is a chef and the sister is an artist! I took my chances and of course said yes. They brought me this beautiful design and the details they wanted. So the cake was already designed and ready, so I just had to follow their wishes. I really enjoyed making it even though it was a challenge, took me a lot of time to figure out how I would do it and lots of drying time for the gum paste. I think it was really adorable and hopefully blended well with their decorations. Please let me know your thoughts! Thanks for stopping by.



Baby shower cake for Baby Mila. Mom liked bright colors and it was very specific with the design for the cake and cupcakes. The baby shoes were made of sugar for a keepsake. At first they thought they were fake! I am glad I told them they could eat them too. The flower cake pops were in a flower pot at the guest tables. The cupcakes were the party favor. I packaged 60 of them on a plastic cup and then on a bag with a pink satin bowls. Yeah, I put my hubby to work too that day!!! The mom to be saw it on a website and wanted to have the same exactly party favor for her baby girl shower and her guests to enjoy after. I don’t have a picture of the finished product, sorry! She was very pleased when everything came together. Her sisters-in-laws did a fabulous job decorating the place, matching everything and creating a unforgettable baby shower for her. It was a party for 60 people but the whole first tier was saved for another special day, plus they had lots of left over cake too!!! Who doesn’t like left over cake for later? The shower was on the hottest day of the season, it was around 100 degrees that day!!!

Baby Shower Mila

Rose cupcakesRose cupcakes

Cake pop pink flower