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This is a graduation/birthday cake for a wonderful girl. She is turning 18, traveling to Italy with her family, moving out of her home, going to college to study oceanography and has roots in Peru. I was lucky to bake for her and be trusted with the design of the cake. She asked me for a purple cake and a mermaid on it. I think the cake turned out as cute and sweet as she is. I am so proud of being using most of organic ingredients and sharing them with my beloved clients that are so open and kind to me and my designs. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to bake for this family that is close to my heart.
Mermaid Graduation close up

Purple Graduation/Birthday Cake


Top Secret and Confidential request decorations for a 8 year old birthday girl. She asked for a thumbprint, magnifying glass, lady footprints, spy book, mustache and a sign with a happy birthday wish. I think I got it all in there!

spy foot prints

Spy cake

A view from the back of the cake too.

I think we got a clue there!!!

Spy cake mustaches

Thanks for stopping by and please leave you thoughts about this fun cake. See you soon!!!

I was inspired to make this cake after I watched Joshua John Russell teaching a modern buttercream class on Craftsy. He showed how to make a bow and I took the opportunity to incorporate it in this cake. It is amazing how much you can learn online but I still love to take classes in person.  The red roses are sugar flowers made especially for a 81 year old woman that got this cake as a gift. This was a chocolate cake for 40 people, with fresh raspberry jam and chocolate ganache. Black and red are her favorite colors. Very chic!!!

Black and Red Cake

These were 50 chocolate cake pops made for a baby shower inspired by Neverland. Pastel green was the pallet for the bow and color for the cake pops. Can’t wait to see how it looked on the decorated rings at the party. These were party favors for the guests. I hope they liked and enjoyed their treat!

Green Sugar Cake Pop

This was an order for aspecial friend that her daughter just turned 4! It is my third year making cakes for this princess that I am so blessed to be picked again. They wanted 2 separated cakes that matched. The doll cake for the kids and the tiered for the adults. The flavors were coconut cake with passion fruit filling and the always favorite of kids and adults chocolate, of course! The doll cake is finished with light pink colored fondant and the tiered cake with Swiss  buttercream. As always I used as many organic ingredients that I could find. For me this is very important since we want the best for our kids. This doll was a collector’s edition and simply gorgeous. Looked just like the birthday girl. I picture Sophia looking like this when she grows up. Sweet little princess she is!!! Thanks for trusting me on this very special day!

Sophia Barbie Cake

Pink dot cake

Back of the cake showing the details and movement that the mother was looking for.

Back Sophia Barbie Cake

Side view. This profile picture shows the details and the design I came up for the fluidity of the dress.

Side Sophia Cake

Fun close up picture.

Close up Dot Cake

Love is always in the air! This cake is a sweet creation made for a couple that heard that they are going to have their first baby and asked me to make a small cake to celebrate a new life.

I was inspired by the impressionist painter Georges Seurat. I have to say that my daughter’s art teacher is giving me lots of ideas to use with my sugar art. The technique  is called pointillism. Thanks  Mrs. Susan for the opportunity to let me stay during the class and learn all the fun and different techniques that you are sharing  from your vast experience and wisdom and giving us an incredible opportunity to bring “heart” to our worlds!!!

Heart Cake

This was a last minute order for a sweet Rapunzel fan that wanted the plastic doll on the top and 4 dozens of cupcakes. The buttercream cake was 2 shades of purple (what it is not showing in the picture), the banner and the figurines are not edible.

The cupcakes were made to tie the party together. I made some golden magical flowers and dusted them with gold luster dust and green Pascal chameleons. Those were  dusted after with  green petal dust. They were made with fondant.

Rapunzel Cake

Golden flower cupcake

Pascal cupcakes

Another doll cake that I loved so much to make. The little girls love the look and they are an instant decoration for the birthday table. I made this one the same way I always try to make my Barbie cakes. I carve the skirt of the dress to give it a special flow and then dress it up with colored fondant. To make even fancier I made a one piece dress.  Since it is cool here lately, I gave her a shawl to fancy it up a little bit.  She was luster dusted to give a special shine to her dress. I hope this cake brightens up your day as much it did for the birthday princess!!!

Ariel Pink Gown Cake

What don’t we do for our little ones, huh? My daughter just turned 5 and she is obsessed with mermaids. I would say Ariel is her favorite Disney character and every toy to be fun has to have a tail. So I decided making a tail cake for her. I sketched a 2 tier cake but at the last minute she looked at me and said: “I think 3 tiers would be cuter mom”. Of course I did another tier but did not know how much work I got myself into it. I cut 500 scales in 4 different colors. It took me 4 to 5 hours just to cover all the prepared fondant cakes with the scales! Yes it is lots of love for my little one.  The next day when she woke up she had her jaw dropping and gave me the biggest hug ever. Her words to me paid off the very hard and tedious “gluing” of scales for all those endless hours. This cake was one of my very favorite cakes I have ever made. Please don’t get me wrong I love them all but this one holds a special place in my heart just because I made it for my “mermaid” princess that I love so very much!!! She deserves it, doesn’t she?Mermaid Tale Cake

A boy’s dream just came true today when I saw his cute face amazed with the cake I baked him. I asked him when I was talking to his mom to decide the cake for his party, I normally ask my “costumers” doesn’t matter their age, and he told me he wanted a circle chocolate cake with all his super heroes. With that said I had to do my research on super heroes because here at my house we know everything about fairies, princesses and sparkles. I used to watch super heroes growing up with my older brother but it is always good to do your homework.  Since he was turning 4 I thought he deserved a 4 tiered cake!!! A tier for each year!!! Fun! Thanks to my husband for helping me in various steps through out the process but mostly to be able to lift and move every time I needed it!  It was so heavy! I am so pleased with the result and mostly to make part of Landon’s 4th birthday!