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Happy Halloween to everyone!

I got my inspiration from a website I saw couple of weeks ago. I changed the spider web but the idea is similar.

I kind of like this version better but that’s my taste.

Modeling chocolate spider, fondant cover and marshmallow spider web.

How can it get wrong for a Halloween birthday party???


Recipe Cake

Why not to have your favorite recipes to be the center of the attention on the center of the dessert table? It was my cake this year, a recipe cake! It was coconut cake with passion fruit filling imported directed from Brazil (thanks to my sweet brother that came for a quick visit) in a buttercream frosting. I decorated with a yellow peony sugar flower.The table was filled with desserts and lots of passion fruit along the desserts too. I can’t get enough of passion fruit!!! I was brought up with all kinds of passion fruit recipes and now here in US is a rare treat! I even have a passion fruit vine tree at my backyard. We had many beautiful flowers but no fruits yet! Passion Fruit for everybody!!!