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Love is always in the air! This cake is a sweet creation made for a couple that heard that they are going to have their first baby and asked me to make a small cake to celebrate a new life.

I was inspired by the impressionist painter Georges Seurat. I have to say that my daughter’s art teacher is giving me lots of ideas to use with my sugar art. The technique  is called pointillism. Thanks  Mrs. Susan for the opportunity to let me stay during the class and learn all the fun and different techniques that you are sharing  from your vast experience and wisdom and giving us an incredible opportunity to bring “heart” to our worlds!!!

Heart Cake


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. How sweet are these cake pops?

I made the hearts from marshmallows because I did not have any other decoration and I did not have time to go to the store and buy something fun. I have never seen this decoration before. I am not checking every cake website possible, so I was so proud to come up with a different and sweet decoration for the love birds out there. If it is out there already, at least it felt like something new to me and I had fun making them to look like hearts. It looks so cute and it was an easy way to give a “heart” to a yummy treat.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Heart Red Cake Pops