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I was asked to make this cake using the inspiration from Sophia’s dress. I thought it was a pretty adorable cake. I color matched the dress with the bow so everything would tie together for this princess celebration. I was challenged by the second skirt draped on top of the white skirt. I thought it would be an easy job but it was far from being easy! At the end I loved the way the whole cake came together with the clean and simple look! For me sometimes less is more! Loved it! Sophia the first


This is a graduation/birthday cake for a wonderful girl. She is turning 18, traveling to Italy with her family, moving out of her home, going to college to study oceanography and has roots in Peru. I was lucky to bake for her and be trusted with the design of the cake. She asked me for a purple cake and a mermaid on it. I think the cake turned out as cute and sweet as she is. I am so proud of being using most of organic ingredients and sharing them with my beloved clients that are so open and kind to me and my designs. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to bake for this family that is close to my heart.
Mermaid Graduation close up

Purple Graduation/Birthday Cake