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Fondant covered cake with pearl shimmer and chocolate pearls around it. It is a winter mermaid dream cake. Simple and elegant.


White Pearls Cake


I was asked to make this cake using the inspiration from Sophia’s dress. I thought it was a pretty adorable cake. I color matched the dress with the bow so everything would tie together for this princess celebration. I was challenged by the second skirt draped on top of the white skirt. I thought it would be an easy job but it was far from being easy! At the end I loved the way the whole cake came together with the clean and simple look! For me sometimes less is more! Loved it! Sophia the first

Sometimes we have to hear once what you never heard before to hear all the time and see it all around you. This is what happened to this decoration. I made a simple Minecraft buttercream cake.

Minecraft Cake

It amazes me how many people ask me how I can bake. For me it is simple, start a recipe and follow it and VOILA. For the very first time in many many years baking I experienced what many people had.

The cake did not work! YES!

I don’t not know what it was but I know something; to rush doesn’t make things easier for me. I was in such a tight schedule that I tried to make it as fast as I could. The same cake that I probably baked 100 times!!

I told my daughter after she got home from school what happened and as smart as a 5 years old can be, she said to me: “Mom, I think you forgot LOVE!”. I always tell her that we have to put our love in everything we do in a daily basis.

I think the crazy, busy and stressful life style we all get into, can make us forget how important the simple things are. I have to say that I rebaked with gratitude and  this time I did not forget my love, thoughtfulness and compassion!

This time the LOVE was everywhere!!! Of course there was not much sleep for me, but the cake was ready for delivery!

I am thankful for the opportunity to share my passion, art and LOVE with the most amazing, special, curious and smart kids and their families!

Scarecrow cake

When I am making a cake I always put my heart and soul in it. It wasn’t different for this special order. I didn’t just make a cake, I made a special gift for two of my very favorite boys! Their mother asked me to make cupcakes with a Lego decor and marshmallow pops as Lego faces! I was thinking to myself and couldn’t stop there just because I love to make cakes and there wasn’t any cake to cut and serve! So I decided to make some anyway! The decorations and imagination for the party went far beyond my expectations! Everything looked SO beautiful. I was so happy to be a small part of their special day! What an amazing mom these boys have. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did making them!

Lego Cake

Lego Brick Cake

This cake was served the day before the party for their relatives in town to celebrate the actual boy’s birthday day!

Lego Head Pop

Edible Lego toppers

Edible Lego Bricks

On the making… I made a mold and shaped 60 edible Lego bricks to decorate the cupcakes! Bright and fun colors!

I particularly love to make cakes for the little ones. Especially the one year olds that never had a taste of sweets before and are having the first taste with my cakes. I am so honored! I put all the best organic ingredients and all my love in their cakes. This was a 40-50 person cake with inspiration taken from the party’s invitation. Dark blue and red were the color pallet and the vintage theme was a hit. It had beautiful decorations, food and games in a fun summer day here in San Diego, CA. Perfect party day!!! The smash cake was buttercream matching with the fondant cake for the adults. I heard the birthday boy was really careful and gentle with his cake but he got his job done!!! Yeah! 🙂

Vintage Cake DSC_0087

This was a first for me! I had to deliver this cake by train. I was a little nervous but the cake made it perfectly fine and I have to say that it was just so much fun.

This was a very special order from by far the most amazing, sweet and kind family I have ever known. I am not kidding or exaggerating! I hope you all have somebody to relate to because it is a serious “kind” business!

Thank you so much for the opportunity, trust, belief in me and appreciation. You all made my day way sweeter and my work so easy and pleasant!
Train cake

Train cake

Train Cake

Train cake

I am not the girl from Ipanema but I definitely love Rio and Copacabana’s famous sidewalk design.

I am a Brazilian by birth, so I had to celebrate my birthday in style.

I hope you like my interpretation of Rio!

Happy Birthday to me!
Copacabana Sidewalk Cake

This was a very festive way to celebrate a kid’s birthday party!

They are colorful and look like streamers!

So fun!!!

Colorful Cake Pops

I was asked to make this colorful and fun cake a few weeks ago. Not talking about pressure but the husband is a chef and the sister is an artist! I took my chances and of course said yes. They brought me this beautiful design and the details they wanted. So the cake was already designed and ready, so I just had to follow their wishes. I really enjoyed making it even though it was a challenge, took me a lot of time to figure out how I would do it and lots of drying time for the gum paste. I think it was really adorable and hopefully blended well with their decorations. Please let me know your thoughts! Thanks for stopping by.